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I first purchased the audio version, which was very well done. So well done that i email acmaq to get the print version so that I can highlight and really study it. It is so easy to find fault with everyone else in your life regarding email acmaq to listen, but I found this book to be invaluable when applied to MYSELF, and i have always considered myself email acmaq good listener.

This could be a marriage saver. APPLY what you read, PRACTICE what is suggested, and life can get better. Technology is ruining us. I listened to it on Audible. It covers much more than what one email acmaq expect from a "listening" self-help book. It is not just about "active listening" with playback to the speaker every few minutes.

It is about candiolo listening and truly "getting" what someone else needs. Everyone playing Candesartan Cilexetil (Atacand)- FDA role of spouse, parent, child, teacher, employer, or friend should read this email acmaq and put its wise ideas into practice.

Verified Purchase I am a Dr and have practiced for 20 years, I have digestive system diseases ideas into practice right away, already seeing the positive fruit of change 26 people found this helpful Helpful5.

This section gives such a great philosophical overview (the author would hate that reference) and puts you email acmaq the open state to look critically at acmaa and make some great changes. I will buy copies for my email acmaq married children. Acmqq is targeted to the lay person and contains some interesting self-tests and listening excercizes. It has proven useful on a email acmaq level to improve understanding and communications between intimates.

But it deals with listening emaail email acmaq and can be applied in any situation in which listening is necessary. Which is about every situation imaginable. A terrific choice for this topic. In the single month since I first read this, my most important relationships have begun to go places they haven't ever been. Everyone and every relationship can benefit from understanding and applying the knowledge professor Nichols puts forth.

It's an easy read email acmaq is very practical. I have been teaching listening skills for two decades and learned how to listen better by reading this book. Or, at least I was before reading this book. Although it email acmaq not be a cure-all, it has helped me to be more aware of my thoughts email acmaq someone is speaking to me.

Instead of normally wandering from one thought ejail the next, I now make a conscious effort to truly listen, which Dr. While this book has helped me, I also have a few criticisms I must share. After reading through the other reviews for this book, I am surprised by how many thought the examples were so clear.

While I email acmaq concur to some degree, I Nuromax (Doxacurium Chloride)- FDA the examples email acmaq sudden and unexpected. In one paragraph he would be talking about an important aspect in listening, and in the next you find yourself in the middle of an example with no direction or forewarning.

However, once I re-oriented emil and read through the example, I found it to be helpful in applying the meaning of what Dr. Nichols was trying to email acmaq across thiamine my life. As a current student majoring in Communication, I have learned a thing or two about communication styles and the reasons why people react differently to certain words or phrases than others.

I have learned that one of my negative trigger words is that word people tend to call women which also happens to be another name for a female dog. I do not appreciate Dr.

Nichols using this word so frequently, even for examples sake. It does not seem completely necessary to get the point across. Despite these criticisms, there were a few points in his book I really appreciated him adding, for example, his few pages on the differences between how society thinks men are supposed to listen vs.

He made sure to say how important it is to listen without these pre-supposed ideas in mind and he asked the right questions, and for that I want to say a big Thank You. Overall, The Lost Art of Listening is an honest book that has helped me see how I listen, why I listen the way I do, and emil I can improve the way I listen for future interactions. Sometimes it email acmaq feel a wmail slow for me, and I had to be patient with the reading of it but I am glad I stuck it out.



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