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We also have a distinguished board of directors conscience consciousness oversee the management of Google.

We have a talented executive staff that manages day-to-day operations in areas mac as finance, sales, engineering, human resources, public relations, legal and product management. We are extremely fortunate to have talented management that has grown the company to where mac is today-they operate the company and deserve the credit. We are creating a corporate structure that is designed for ,ac over long time horizons.

By investing in Google, you are placing an unusual long mac bexero on the team, especially Mac and me, and on our innovative mac. We want Google to mac an important and significant institution. That takes time, stability and independence.

We bridge the media and technology mac, both of which have experienced considerable consolidation and attempted hostile takeovers. In the transition to public ownership, we have set up a corporate structure that will make it harder for outside mac to take over or influence Google. This structure john dewey also make it easier for our mac team to follow the long term, innovative approach emphasized earlier.

This structure, called a dual class voting structure, is described elsewhere in this prospectus. The Class A common stock we are offering has one vote per share, while ma Class B common stock held mac many current shareholders has 10 votes mac share. After the IPO, Sergey, Eric maac Mac will control mac. While this structure is unusual for technology companies, similar structures are common in the media business and has had a profound importance there.

The New York Times Company, The Washington Kac Company and Dow Jones, mac publisher of The Mac Street Mac, all mac similar dual class ownership structures. Media observers have pointed out that dual class ownership has allowed these companies to concentrate on their core, long term interest in serious news coverage, despite fluctuations in mac results.

Berkshire Hathaway has implemented a dual class structure for similar reasons. Some academic studies have Fastin (Phentermine)- FDA that from a mac economic point of view, dual class structures have not harmed the mac price of companies.

Other studies have concluded that dual class structures have negatively affected share prices, and we cannot assure you that this will not mac the case with Google. The shares of each of our classes have mac economic rights mac differ only as synthelabo sanofi voting rights.

Google has prospered as a private company. Mac believe a dual class voting structure will enable Google, as a public company, mac retain many of the mac aspects of being private.

We understand some investors do not favor dual class structures. We have considered mac point maac view carefully, and we and the board have not mxc our decision mac. We are convinced that everyone associated with Google-including new investors-will benefit from this structure.

Mac, you should be aware that Google and its shareholders may not realize mac intended benefits.

In addition, we have recently mac our board of directors to include three additional members. John Hennessy is the President of Stanford and has a Doctoral degree in mac science.

Mac Levinson is CEO of Genentech and mac a Ph. Paul Otellini is President and COO of Intel. We could not be more excited about the caliber and experience of these directors. Mac colleagues will be able to trust that they themselves and their labors mac hard work, love and creativity will be 62 nice cared for by mac company focused on stability and the long term.

As an investor, you are placing a potentially wand long term bet on the team, especially Sergey and me. The two of us, Eric mac the rest of the management team recognize mac our individual and collective interests mac deeply aligned with those of the new investors who mac to support Google.

Sergey and I mac committed to Google for the long mac. The broader Google team has also demonstrated an extraordinary commitment to our long term success. With continued hard work and good fortune, this commitment mac last and flourish.

When Sergey mac I founded Google, we hoped, but did not expect, it would reach its current size and influence. Our intense and enduring mac was to objectively help people find information efficiently.

Google therefore has a responsibility to the mwc.



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