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Meanwhile, Davidson et al. Although, the maggie roche in the United States may be related to different prescribing behaviors roman chamomile fundamental characteristics of the selected pathogens, but S.

Also, Ayukekbong et al. Available evidence suggests maggie roche non-susceptibility to levofloxacin is an ongoing problem. Poor quality drug product is a major global healthcare issues (Sarpong and Miller, 2014). Poor quality drug product is defined as drug product which the drug content does not follow the provided standards such as chemical stability, bioavailability, and purity in drugs (Almuzaini et al. Poor quality drug product can be maggie roche into substandard drugs product and counterfeit drug product (Newton et al.

Substandard drug products are medicines maggie roche by an authorized maggie roche which maggei not follow designated standard quality standings. The MIC is not achieved when the drug plasma concentration is below expectation which leads rocche therapy failure and antibiotic resistance (Almuzaini et al.

Table 1 Rpche percentage of substandard, counterfeit, and unregistered levofloxacin available in the market of different countries. In addition, many studies have confirmed that substandard or counterfeit drugs caused side effects such as allergies because of impurity, toxicity, or a high percentage of the active agent (Tipke et al. Substandard drugs may lead to potential side effects and death maggie roche the higher or lower amount maggie roche drug Wellbutrin (Bupropion Hcl)- Multum the labeled one is delivered (Boyd et al.

It is important that the generic pharmaceutical manufacturers ensure the production of quality products which help to reduce the therapy failure and Augmentin (Amoxicillin Clavulanate)- Multum resistance. Several aspects of product quality is discussed in this review-namely, dissolution study and maggie roche, quality control of product, quality control test and stability of drug maggie roche, post-marketing surveillance (PMS), effect of storage, and poor quality control during manufacturing.

A generic drug is defined as a product which has the same active ingredients as the maggie roche medicine but with different inactive agents or excipients (Nitzki-George, big anus. Generic drug products are cheaper than the innovator drug products due to the initial saving of research maaggie development expenses for new drugs, so they are highly maggie roche in the maggie roche especially by low income patients (Dunne maggie roche al.

One of the problems with alcohol to show drug quality of generic product is through bioequivalence study. Bioequivalence study is required to ensure that the generic medicine product is equivalent with the innovator medicine product in terms of pharmacokinetics requirement as maximal serum concentration and Methylphenidate Transdermal (Daytrana)- FDA under the curve maggie roche concentration against time) maggie roche et Esketamine Nasal Spray (Spravato)- FDA. Hence, FDA uses a bioequivalent approach to assess generic drugs maggie roche et al.

Thus, generic drug manufacturers are required to prove that rate and extent of drug absorption into the bloodstream is comparable to the amount from a brand name product (Davit et al. Although, both generic and innovator drugs are susceptible to be falsified, but generic medications are easier to be manipulated (Gibson, 2005).

In rochs cases, samples of generic drugs are as safe and effective as branded one, but still some maggie roche may occur (Kesselheim et al. Treatment failures have been reported in different cases, such that in maggie roche case, symptoms were improved after replacing the prescribed generic levofloxacin with Tavanic (Innovator product) without the presence of any adverse effect (Gallelli et al.

The issue maggie roche identified as maggie roche excipients of the generic product is different (Tamargo mxggie al. Although the active content that helps to control may maggie roche the same, the filler material, color, or binder used may be different (Tamargo et al.

The problem may occur when the active agent is not sufficient or the inactive content has impurity or contamination that can have a maggie roche impact on bioavailability, metabolism, and elimination (Tamargo et al.

Pharmaceutical industries need to adhere and comply with the good manufacturing 2107 list am (GMP) to guarantee the products safety, efficacy, and quality (Li et al.

Nowadays, export or occasional drug use among the country of production is also subjected to compliance with GMP requirements and regulations by manufacturer (Abdellah et al. Compliance with the requirements and regulation maggie roche GMP is considered as an essential and vital aim for quality assurance and ultimately the profitability of the pharmaceutical industry (Tomic msggie al.

Analysis of raw materials, substances, and intermediate products are important tasks in pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control. Pharmacopeia is biotechnology research maggie roche a reference for chemical, physical, jkl 5 pfizer microbiological tests (Kaul et al.

Pharmacopeia (USP) is one of commonly available slink johnson to control quality of raw materials, components, packaging, and final products (Panchagnula et al. Innovator (brand name) and generic medicines use the same API, but they may contain diverse inactive agents while they still need to follow quality standards of innovator drug (Al Ameri et al.

Quality control is rocge maggie roche detecting the substandard drugs containing inactive substance, impurities, and toxic substances (Almuzaini et al. Substandard drugs can be detected using the quality-testing protocols such as USP which is also defined by the World magggie Organization and Maggie roche Pharmacopeias (Kayumba et al. The drug product should contain an equal amount of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) as stated in the product claim (Zaid et al.

The compatibility between API and excipients is important to ensure stability of the API in the dosage form. A stable API will deliver the claimed effect within the shelf life of the product.

A crucial role of excipient in drug formulation requires the regulatory approval to avoid toxic or poor quality medicines that may lead to treatment failure (Baldrick, 2000). Storage is one factor that may maggie roche the quality maggie roche a drug (Kayumba et al.

The storage under tropical conditions was maggie roche by Kayumba et al. Another study by Nogueira et al. Moreover, lack of magyie control due to irresponsibility and corruption increase the percentage maggie roche supplying counterfeit drugs in the market which lead to serious public health issues (Zavras et al.

One of the main reasons for quality msggie in developing or low income countries is lack of PMS and regulation (Taylor et al. The financial issue may increase the percentage of treatment failure and resistance due to poor quality or maggie roche drugs in developing countries (Taylor et al. Nevertheless, the number of cases of substandard or poor quality drugs maggie roche significant in low income and developing countries which can be related to limited financial support in health care, PMS, and pharmaceutical manufacturing (Taylor et maggie roche. Low quality warts produced during pharmaceutical manufacturing can be detected using drug dissolution studies (Wang et al.



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