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Peeripheral AM, Preston LE, Ko JY, et al. Discharge characteristics and care transitions of hospitalized patients with COVID-19. Sixty-day outcomes peripheral nerves patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

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Published online May 21, 2021:1-13. Chua K-P, Conti RM, Becker Peripheral nerves. Out-of-Pocket Spending Within 90 Days of Discharge from COVID-19 Hospitalization. Peripheral nerves online June 18, 2021:2021. Morb Mortal Wkly Rep MMWR. Assessment of activities of daily living in patients post COVID-19: A systematic review. Edemekong PF, Bomgaars DL, Sukumaran S, Levy SB. Activities of daily peripehral. Barthel index of activities of daily living.

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Status of COVID-19 cases in Ontario. FR, GMK and KBB wrote the first draft of the Science Brief. GMK and FR performed the analyses. All authors revised the Science Brief critically for important intellectual content and approved the final version.

Citation: Razak F, Katz GM, Cheung AM, et al. Understanding the post COVID-19 condition (long COVID) and the expected burden for Ontario.



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