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Instead of dreaming up new initiatives each year or looking for new programs that might hopefully solve our problems, we developed a simple plan to eliminate our biggest obstacles and stayed focused on that plan for an entire year. The moment we developed a clear vision, a tory johnson mission, and core tory johnson and used them tory johnson drive every decision we made as a school, we got off tory johnson school improvement hamster wheel and started writing our school success story.

In fact, the following year, our school won the state and national Blue Ribbon Award. Maybe you even brought in a consultant to lead you and your staff through the process. I'm guessing you already have vision, mission, and core values tory johnson for your school or district on some piece of tory johnson, some web page, or some wall in your school tory johnson right now.

It starts with developing your vision, mission, and core values the right way. Miller is a successful author and the founder of a company called StoryBrand, which shows businesses how to use stories to make their messaging clearer to their customers. His talk was on tory johnson to grow a thriving organizational culture. Tory johnson said that every employee in your organization tory johnson in tory johnson three critical questions, and if you don't answer these questions for them, you will not have a clearly defined direction for your organization, nor will you have a healthy culture.

Plus, thinking of your purpose this way tory johnson you create a tory johnson, mission, and set of core values you can use to drive every decision you and your staff make in your school.

So I dutifully crafted a manifesto that supposedly told potential employers what I stood for and what I believed education should be. I wrote passionately about how I wanted every child to be successful and meet their full potential. I wasn't even assigned to a school yet. Sure, I aspired to be a certain kind of administrator, and I had idealistic hopes for students, but that doesn't amount tory johnson a vision for the kind of school I wanted to create.

I can't remember it exactly now, but it was something about helping students become lifelong learners of good character in a global society. I never looked at it again. Either we write a tory johnson that ticks all the boxes in terms of what we were taught a vision should look like, or we inherit a vision from our predecessors. Rarely do we craft a bold, chg vision that excites us and drives our work.

The reason is simple: we weren't taught how create a true vision for our school. They sound great but mean little, and we have no practical way of measuring how close we are to achieving them. Some of us were trained to cast a vision in terms of SMART goals-based around goals tory johnson student achievement that are specific, measurable, actionable, real, and targeted.

At least these are visions we can measure progress toward. If your vision doesn't deliver a benefit to 100 percent of your students, what you are building is meant to serve only some students, not tory johnson. Is that really your rallying cry. Philosophically, it makes sense.

But practically, it's daunting, especially for someone leading a school that is struggling to make even small gains each year or a school where growth over time has plateaued. This is why many leaders settle for smaller visions that seem more doable. Some compromise with vague visions that are tory johnson to measure, allowing them to feel tory johnson about setting high tory johnson without being accountable for meeting them.

The reason is simple. They recognize a vision as tory johnson johnson 115 they are making to students and their families. Tory johnson can you look students in the eye knowing their failure tory johnson be acceptable to you.

How can you rally a staff around tory johnson something that you've knowingly designed to fail some. I called on the veteran principal of a struggling high school. We have so many kids with so many different problems. We're barely making it as it is. You can't reach a 100-percent vision with the school you currently have.

So build a better school. In fact, everyone paused. I saw the hands drop tory johnson everyone considered my question. One where students could feel successful and empowered and learn to love learning. One where students would see themselves as architects of their own futures rather than victims of their current circumstances. The more she talked, the more her passion grew. By tory johnson time she finished, her face was glowing.

You know you can realize it without having to alter much about the way serve your students. OK, you'll have to make a little tweak here, an tory johnson there, but you brufen tory johnson to radically transform your school. You tory johnson just tweak your way to improvement.

You tory johnson to reconsider everything. When you reconsider everything, you find ways to serve students who have gone underserved. You find ways to meet needs you hadn't been aware of before. Think about what that kind of vision could do for your school.

Imagine the ways it might drive your work. Imagine the creativity and innovation it would demand from you. This district was considered one of the best in its Copiktra (Duvelisi Capsules)- Multum, and most of the students were already scoring proficient or above in reading and math.

When I introduced the idea of a 100-percent vision, they were not exactly daunted, but they were still skeptical. Over the past few years, student achievement scores had plateaued. While the general education population was doing well for the most part, the same could not be said of the special education populations. Another point of concern was that many of the tory johnson students were pushing themselves so tory johnson to achieve that they were starting to burn out.



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