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The trial by Battaglia et al. The study by Battaglia et al. The trial by Alexander et al. Three studies compared lorazepam in combination with other agents: (i) thiothixene and lorazepam x 01. Using these combinations, all x 01 studies documented significant efficacy for both study arms, s with no significant differences between groups for any outcome measure. Supplementary Table 3 reports an evaluation of the quality and x 01 the risk of bias in each study included in this systematic review.

Supplementary Table 4 summarizes the main findings on x 01 safety of lorazepam and comparators in the treatment of patients with agitation. The safety profile of lorazepam, alone or in combination, was as expected. The present systematic review on the use of lorazepam in acute agitation highlights that there is a paucity of randomized Gammagard (Immune Globulin)- FDA. Despite this, most trials generally found improvements across a variety of outcomes related to agitation, even if there was some disparity among x 01 studies when considering specific outcomes.

As expected, the safety of lorazepam among the different studies was x 01 with its well-characterized profile. Among the studies included in x 01 present analysis, the most frequently used comparators were haloperidol and a second-generation antipsychotic, as monotherapy or in various combinations, mra is consistent for the most part with routine practice.

The studies were highly heterogeneous, especially regarding treatment arms, doses, and outcome measures, rendering meta-analysis impossible. Indeed, the differences among studies x 01 make overall qualitative evaluation difficult.

In the study comparing xx to olanzapine, olanzapine was superior to lorazepam, and both were superior to placebo (20). In the three studies comparing combinations of agents, interpretation is rendered difficult by the lack of monotherapy groups (16, 22, 23), and so the effects x 01 c or other comparators cannot be directly interpreted.

Qualitative analysis of the safety profile of lorazepam x 01 the different studies revealed no new safety issues, with dizziness, sedation and somnolence being common among the trials that listed catarrh adverse events. Haloperidol, but not lorazepam apart from isolated 10 reports (24), is known to x 01 associated with alterations in QTc (25).

This was reported to be of sol dexamethasone for patients with torsade de pointes, x 01 not in the great majority of patients. Case reports with QTc prolongation have also been documented (26), but d event does not seem to be common and QTc prolongation is not reported in the Summary x 01 Prescribing Characteristics.

Also, unlike many antipsychotics, routine monitoring of the QT duration by electrocardiography prior to treatment is not recommended for lorazepam (27). According to the recent expert consensus of treatment of psychomotor agitation, non-pharmacological approaches should be attempted first, with the involvement of the patient in therapeutic decisions as much as possible (1). In the event that these methods are not adequate, pharmacological treatment x 01 be considered in order to rapidly calm an agitated patient.

As mentioned, over-sedation should be avoided, and oral medications are preferred. However, in some patients, escalation to IM medication is x 01. Rapid onset and the reliability are considered to be x 01 most important factors to consider when choosing a route of administration.

Lorazepam is often an anxiolytic of choice, given its rapid onset of action (10). This xx review was carried out to evaluate the efficacy and safety of lorazepam for acute agitation and thus better understand its suitability for use in the acute setting. A total of 11 randomized clinical trials were included. Our study has several limitations.



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