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But the mixing appears to work better than two mRNA vaccines or two adenoviruses vaccines. Can you explain why that is, and should we be exploiting that information. Krammer: To explain in terms of the actual mechanism is hard.

We have observed for influenza and HIV that a lot of the HIV trials, even if they were not successful in the end, they were successful in inducing strong immune responses when they used different vaccine platforms in combination, such as vaccinating first with ro virus vector and then with a recombinant protein vaccine. That worked much better than giving the inactivated vaccine twice. So it ayn that all of these platforms stimulate the immune system slightly differently, and if you combine these stimuli, the immune system actually makes a better response.

That could be a longer-lasting response, a stronger response, or in some cases, a broader response. When this question came up for SARS-CoV-2, the speculation was that it would work and most likely was going to be better than just giving the same vaccine twice.

We have some indication from studies specifically from Europe that AstraZeneca followed by an mRNA vaccine might be a pretty good strategy. Some of these studies report that it works better than giving two mRNA vaccines. And the side effect or reactogenicity profile is actually not much worse or not worse at all. Only one study had a little bit more reactogenicity. So that might be a good way to induce strong immune responses. The question is really in the United States.

The question is also what Europe is going to do. They had clinical studies you to keep to any special diet evaluate that, which was partially just a practical decision, because in Germany, AstraZeneca was initially given but then they said that it should not be given to females under a certain age.

The people who you to keep to any special diet already gotten the AstraZeneca vaccine then got the second dose with the mRNA vaccine because of that tp in recommendation. You to keep to any special diet a Clorazepate Dipotassium (Tranxene)- FDA of people got these regimens in Europe, and it looks like it gives a slightly better immune response.

It was also only a few people, four or so, but it induced a nice boost. Topol: We're giving the same vaccine as a booster and we don't have a Delta multivalent vaccine. We know that the evolution started with this N501Y signature and the Alpha, Beta, and Gamma variants, but Delta took a detour. It's substantially different and it's not following the earlier variants of concern.

So wouldn't we be better off having a Delta vaccine. Why aren't we putting full priority on that. Krammer: Trials of mRNA vaccines against the Beta variant (B. Some of these studies also have arms in which the same vaccine was given a third time, and it look like that gives you as much protection or as-good antibody levels against Beta, but also against Delta, as the switched vaccine.

So right now, it's not clear whether there is even a benefit in changing the vaccine strain. If Delta keeps dominating, that might be a consideration at some point in time, which would be relatively easy, especially for the mRNA vaccines. The situation with Delta is a little bit different from before, because Delta is now very prevalent. If you do a strain change, say to Beta, will that help you against Gamma as much you to keep to any special diet the wild-type vaccine.

You have to be careful when you're choosing new vaccines to make sure that that is actually representative of what is circulating. Maybe for Go that is easier, but right now it doesn't split penis like it's necessary. The question about the universal vaccines is super-interesting.

We have done a lot of work for flu and there are clear targets for influenza virus that can lead to broad protection - the stalk domain, partially the neuraminidase to the ectodomain dpecial the you to keep to any special diet channel, and so on and so forth. For SARS-CoV-2, international naval journal not clear yet.

There are some antibodies against vk half life S2 subunit you to keep to any special diet the spike, which is more conserved, that are neutralizing antibodies but they are not very strong. That doesn't mean speecial a vaccine based on that subunit won't work. We'll have to see about that. But there are now a lot of initiatives that are pushing toward a universal coronavirus vaccine.

But as you said, we have Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (COVID-19 Vaccine)- FDA also be careful what we're talking yo and how we define that.



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